Pictures of the to be couples have stormed our pages with their beautiful moments and her “It was an incredible moment when He popped the question”. According to BBC news, the Princess 27, said the proposal took place close to a lake. She said:”The lake was so beautiful, the light was a special light I’ve never seen”. 

I actually said “This is an incredible moment, and then He popped the question to my suprise even though we have been together for seven years”, a complete suprise it was for me. She added “I was over the moon, crying”.

Mr Brooksbank,31, was introduced to Eugenie while they were skiing at the Royal Hotspot of Verbier in Switzerland in 2010. He described it as “Love at first sight”and till now they have both enjoyed each others company right before the ring came along. According to Brooksbank on the ring, “it changes colour from every different angle you look at it and that’s what I think about Eugenie. That she changes colour and is just so amazing”   .



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