There are no more kids in this world. The birthday party of the 12-year-old boy (Name withheld) took place in the US. Millionaire Dad Hires Strippers For His Son’s 12th Birthday Party. The video surfaced online after someone uploaded it on to the Youtube.

According to Estrella TV who confirmed the news and reported that the strippers had been hired for the boy’s 12th birthday party by his millionaire dad.  Video footage of the birthday party, which reportedly took place in the United States, show several exotic dancers performing for the boy while his father is seen encouraging them.

The strippers were arranged as a surprise birthday gift for the son.

BAD Parenting or WHAT? This Millionaire chooses a weird surprise birthday gift for his 12 year old son. In the video that ws uploaded, the young boy was seen sitting between the two strippers. It seems he was not in the mood or probably gay. The strippers were being encouraged to grope the black-haired stripper’s breasts.

Many parents and individuals have called for the arrest of the Millionaire when the above clip of a 12-year-old dancing with strippers was posted to social media.

WHY He Hired Strippers

According to EstrellaTV, the women had been hired by the boy’s dad with the intent of turning his “son into a man”. The 12-year-old laughs as he gropes the black-haired stripper’s thong-clad behind.

Probably this could be a Dad trying to prevent his son from being Gay. The General Public has called the father’s ‘birthday gift’ inappropriate, saying a pre-pubescent boy should not be sexualized in this way, with some even calling it a sexual abuse of a child.