Award Winning Actress Lydia Forson has come out to open up about her career journey where she got rejected for a movie role just because of her body size. Lydia has over the years won six awards – Africa Movie Academy Award, Africa Int. Film Festival Award, Ghana Movie Award, Super Woman Award, City People Award, Fashion Icon Award. 

According to Lydia Forson, she got rejected for a movie role she was equally qualified for because of her body stature. She reiterated that a movie producer rejected her from playing a movie role not because she didn’t have the qualities to play that role but because the producer felt she didn’t fit his idea of what a beautiful woman looks like.

Africa. I was rejected NOT because I wasn’t good enough for the role, but because I didn’t fit into the producers idea of what a ‘beautiful’ woman looks like. (mind you I know I’m fcking 🔥) But guess what? This big ass and tits won me an AFRICA MOVIE ACADEMY AWARD, AFRICA INT. FILM FESTIVAL AWARD, GHANA MOVIE AWARD, SUPER WOMAN AWARD, CITY PEOPLE AWARD, FASHION ICON AWARD and a Your Father is drooling over me MEGA AWARD. . . It’s ok if I’m not your cup of tea; just know you’re not my kettle of hot water for my tea either. ☕️ . . I don’t have a problem with my body, you do; so go and FIX your problem.❤️#bodypositive #yourmanstillwantsme #evenyourdaddywantsme #imightjustdateyourdaddytopissyouoff #dontfeelsorryforme #feelsorryforthosepeople #imgood #imsomeonesTASTE😂#toeachtheirown . . . UPDATE: I see a lot of people trying to tell me how to feel and react to a situation they’ve never been a part of, first of all I ONLY posted a part of a correspondence,and not what had transpired prior. Ass a professional actress I’m well aware that I have to look a part for certain movies which is why we sometimes audition. So it’s really ok if I’m rejected because I’m not what the producer is looking for. But this role didn’t require any of that, also I was already given the role without auditioning because of my body of work; so negotiations were made, and we were ready to start filming. Last minute someone decided to go against everyone because he didn’t think my body size was going to be attractive enough for how sexy, beautiful and romantic the movie was going to be. And please don’t cry for me, I’m really ok. Life and God have been so good to me.❤️

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