[VIDEO] Sakordie Finally Replies Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade, one of Nigerian female Artist in an interview accused Sarkodie of not being Professional. The Singer attributed this to many turn down invitations. According to Yemi Alade, Sarkodie repelled all advances from her management team. Invitations for a collaboration on so many instances without any tangible explanation”.

She mentioned about how Ego song helped her reach many audiences and was thankful to Sarkodie.

“I’ve really tried my best to really not go into details but the long and short on why I don’t want to dwell on this is that is super unfair, unprofessional and unkind for international acts or even artists to have a dealing with anybody after agreeing to certain things, you don’t come through at all,” she said.

Sakordie Finally Replies Yemi Alade

“I can count three different venues where my team and I had an agreement with the artiste (Sarkodie) in particular and he didn’t come through.”
“I don’t want to bring in the feminine and masculine inequality we’re experiencing in the industry and I don’t want to link it to that.

“Yemi Alade was pained as a person but I’ll say it is almost impossible to promote a project that is supposed to be for two people when the other party isn’t coming through at all, the music pretty much suffers.” She lamented

Sakordie Finally Replies Yemi Alade

Africa’s Best Rapper Sarkodie who was in England for his Highest Album Tour took the opportunity to clarify what he was hearing and read on the media. He said, he does not really understand what Yemi Alade claims are. He also cannot really remember any invitation from Yemi Alade.

The Rapper who took the chance to talk about Freddie Ivorian superstar, Freddy Meiway. In the interview he explained that it was an unfortunate situation and that he had apologized to Freddy Meiway.
“Who would not want to do a collabo with Freddy Mieway. He is one of the best musicians anyone would want to work with,” he said.

This was what Sarkodie had to say about Yemi Alade.