Beautiful actress Ahuofe Patri who has graced many scenes of movies in Ghana has responded to rumours that she is a drug addict and smokes a lot. Ahuofe Patri Responds Smoking Allegations. She has been tagged as a promising actress according to City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress of the Year (Ghana).

As a result, Aho)f3 patri has become a household name thanks to the hit youtube skit ‘Kalybos’. From Airtel billboards to newspaper front pages, she is what you describe as the ‘it’ girl of the moment. Therefore her fans range from children to adults of all ages and you can say she is enjoying the moment.

Earlier this year, she cried on set during an interview with Delay that she does not want a man like her father. This clearly gives indication that the family she grew up in did not have a father figure around.

Ahuofe Patri Responds To Smoking Allegations

Ahuofe Patri of Kalybos fame (real name Priscilla Opoku Agyeman) has become the next Bob Marley in Ghana, smoking too much weed such that her own family is deeply worried about her general wellbeing, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told.

Ahuofe Patri Responds  Smoking Allegations

Consequently, Ghana published the rumour. Thus a well-known blog for releasing celebrities secrets and rumours. The Popular Ghanaian actress, Ahoufe Patri  has become a drug addict – family member cries.

Ahuofe Patri Responds  Smoking Allegations

Seems Like Ghanaian actress has become a drug addict – family member cries…

“Ahuofe Patri smokes too much…. She sometimes even becomes unstable. Deeply stressed is the mother …,” the source told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Seems like an anonymous actress told GhanaCelebrities.Com that, “indeed Ahuofe Patri  Priscilla Opoku Agyeman smokes weed like hell–and that, most industry players who have worked with her are aware of the path she has taken”.

Priscilla Opoku Agyeman can sue the actress for defamation.