Bird Causes Huge Damage to Delta Airline Plane. A bird Or Witch ?

The Basketball team Oklahoma City Thunders could not believe their eyes with what they saw last night whiles flying. The NBA stars were puzzled when they saw the nose of their plane crashed by what seems to be a huge bird. Bird Causes Huge Damage to Delta Airline

The team was traveling back after the NBA match with Minnesota Timberwolves when this occurred. Although it was a rough flight, there were no turbulence or incident to explain the damaged caused to the plane. As such this brought shock to the team and flight attendants.

Patrick Patterson took to social media to post an image of the damaged plane after it landed at Chicago Airport. He captioned it “When you accidentally hit Superman while flying”. Carmelo Anthony also shared another picture of the dent on the plane.

Bird Causes Huge Damage to Delta Airline

“You never take anything for granted, just be thankful and blessed they we were able to land the plane and everything was OK,” Thunder star Russell Westbrook said. “Seeing stuff like that just shows you how you need to cherish life and understand the important things in life and embrace every moment.” Bird Causes Huge Damage to Delta Airline

Coach Billy Donovan said the plane encountered the turbulence about halfway through the flight.”The plane dropped a little bit,” Donovan said. “Then they just basically told us they were trying to get to a lower altitude because they maybe were concerned about the cabin pressure

There were few people who suggested what could have caused the damage. Steven Adams a New Zealand player, called on NASA and some famous scientists to explain what could have caused the damage.

Officials of Delta jet, however, explained that probably a bird hit the nose of the plane. This does not sink well with a lot of people. For the plane was flying at an altitude of 30,000ft mid-air. The team players are every on board of the plane were safe.

Bird Causes Huge Damage to Delta Airline