World Renowned Bishop Oyedepo, and other pastorial team of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCWW) almost died in a plane crash last Friday. Bishop David Oyedepo during the Friday Service, revealed this to the congregation. BISHOP OYEDEPO & WIFE ESCAPES ANOTHER PLANE CRASH

This was not the first time the Bishop and Team had escaped  a plane crash.

Speaking at the church headquarters on Friday, Oyedepo says before the trip, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye visited him unannounced and prayed for him.

He believes that the prayers of Pastor E.A Adeboye made them escape the air mishap. This was the third time Bishop Oyedepo would be involved in near air mishap.

The pastor in the church, Adebisi, read the report from the aircraft’s pilot, Captain Samuel Adegoga.


“The main malfunction we had in the Cyprus-Israel flight was a stabilizer twin-motor failure. During the said flight that we had the twin motor failure, the auto-pilot could no longer exert the desired pressure to keep the aircraft in the required altitude for stability flight. The captain disconnected the auto-pilot, took and returned the aircraft to the required altitude for that phase of the flight.

Because the aircraft was out of trim during this takeover, the aircraft abruptly pitched off with much pitch force. The captain counteracted it with a pitch down force. These counter forces caused turbulence and movement in the cabin and cargo hold. Heavy items in the cargo section fell from their compartment, making a loud noise, ” the pilot wrote.

He said the aircraft went up and down as the captain attempted to land during several attempts until he eventually landed.

Pastor Adebisi “We thank the God of this commission for making the pilot to react promptly. Similar failures in the past have resulted in fatal accidents due to lateness of pilot’s reaction,” 

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Credit : DailyNG