This comes as a relief to the Asante Kingdom. The Asantehene Otumfor Osei Tutu has just received a huge apology from the UK. The UK which reported the transfer as money laundering scheduled Thursday for a ruling.


The banker of the Asantehene, Mark Arthur was summoned to his multi-million-pound residence in Henley-on-Thames in London. The Asantehene office handed him a bag containing almost £200,000 in sterling as well as $200,000 in US currency.

The money had consecutive serial numbers. The bank official felt it inappropriate to ask too many questions. He did this out of respect to the King. The UK Bank allegedly accuse the Asantehene of Money Laundering and fired the banker as well.


The Lead counsel for the Bank told the court their latest checks. They revealed that Otumfuo’s diplomatic passport had not expired. According to ABN radio in London.

The lawyer for the said Bank in question also said “the Bank’s claim that the money was transacted from Lusaka under “dodgy” circumstances.

The Court ruled that it was inaccurate after the lawyers for the UK Bank said the above was very inaccurate and they also retract.

UK Apologizes Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

The Judge

The UK-based ABN radio’ presenter Vincent Owusu Appiah reports. The presenter told Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s  the judge shook his head after the Bank rendered the apology.

Finally, The lawyers for Mr Arthur who acted in respect to the King and Country maintained their client did nothing wrong when he deposited the money on behalf of the King.

Raymond Sowah also an employee of the said Bank in question reportedly said the transaction was duly approved by the appropriate officials. Source: ABN Radio London

Rumours is that, this was just a case of work feud between Mr Arthur and the Chief Executive of the Bank.

UK Apologizes Otumfuo

“He proved that the transaction was genuine so they don’t see why Mr Mensah should go and report the matter,” the ABN radio reporter said of the employee…

Court Rules in Asantehene’s Favor.

The court proceedings was full of apologies to the Royal throne and Mr. Arthur.

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