[Watch] Top Celebrities React To Eminem’s anti-Trump Freestyle.

During the BET Hippop Awards, Eminem, left the internet shook during a heated cypher at Tuesday night event. How Celebrities React Eminem’s anti-Trump Freestyle.

Eminem performed at Detriot car park where he expressed sentiments about the ongoing white supremacy situation. The freestyle was directly addressed to President Donald Trump.  Within five minutes of his session, Eminem ripped President Donald Trump to shreds in a politically-charged freestyle.

If there was anything most viral of the BET Hippop awards, then it is Eminem’s freestyle session. Celebrities and musicians alike praised, saluted, and thanked the legendary MC for his raw talent and momentous lyrics.Celebrities React Eminem’s anti-Trump Freestyle.


Celebrities React Eminem’s anti-Trump Freestyle.