The Argentines needed 3 goals to aid them in their qualification to the world cup in Russia.

The team has been performing bad since begun of the tournaments. Touted as the first qualifies from the group, Argentina couldn’t live up to expectation despite players such as Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Icardi among others.

The stars even struggled to still have a chance to qualify. A lot of football fans were of the view that ‘Messi should be the team’.

In the previous matches, the Barcelona star was the only player who played hi heart out and all his passes to the fellow team mates were never used well.

Argentina played Paraguay. The game was intended, with Messi hit the bar twice and the  Paraguayan keeper stopping a lot of goals from happening.

Then it was win with 3 goals with Ecuador today. The match begun with a fast goal under 40seconds from the Ecuador Team.

The goal made it difficult to determine who will win the match during the first half of the game.

As the Argentines didn’t expect a goal from the ECUADOR team. Then the Genius Messi, equalised with a 1-2 pass with Do Maria.

The Argentine team were back in the game and Messi seemed unstoppable. He moved on to score 2 more goals to see Argentina through.

Watch Highlights below.