Kontihene flaunting stacks of Cash 💸💰

Posted by Y 107.9 FM Ghana on Friday, September 29, 2017

We often don’t see past music artists whose music career is dead to be flaunting such amounts of cash on Social Media. [WATCH] Kontihene flaunting Stacks of Cash. Today the Asesa Hitmaker, Kontihene, took to Facebook to share a live video of him with a bulk of cash and singing to the newest tune from his collection.

Few years ago, since Shatta wale came back to the music industry and have remained a must have artist in any major event in the country, alot of past musicians who had their music career ending soon have all tried to follow Shatta wale steps. From KK Fosu, Tinny Tictac and a couple of others despite dropping hit single have not made the mark.

It is of no surprise that we see Kotihene trying his very best to make it to the scene again. He has released few hit singles and has equally enjoy some amount of attention. The Singer is back again with one crazy song which might kick out One Corner from the Top Trending Songs in Ghana.

The sole aim of the video was to promote his new song titled ” 3sa Na Sa ”

Already the song is enjoying massive airplay on many FM stations in Accra. The song basically encouraging spending of income one ends because Money always gets finished.

The video has received a lot of critics as expected. From comments such as Childish stuff to Sakawa Money, the artist Kotihene still knew what he wanted to achieve by posting the video. [WATCH] Kontihene flaunting Stacks of Cash

In Addition, One comment that stood out was this
[WATCH] Kontihene flaunting Stacks of cash

Kontihene flaunting Stacks of Cash

“Paa Solo Acostic Keep on showing off today but i hope one day you will not come out crying that you’re broke so the government & the entertainment industry should help you like kwesi p”.

[WATCH] Kontihene flaunting Stacks of Cash

You can download the song from Ndwomfie.com or click Accra360.com to watch europeans dancing One Corner


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