These days, Social Media is pretty much how everything goes viral. The Social Media Trends has seen numerous challenges that have taken over the world over especially in Africa. Newest Social Media Challenge

The 2 Best Social Media ‘Challenges’ in Africa

  1. From early this year Africans began the Mannequin Challenge which already was done in the states during October to November 2016. The challenge was more about Posing completely still and lifeless, like a mannequin. The bigger the group the cooler the result. It took over Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat with the Hashtag: #mannequinchallenge
  2. In 2016 the ice bucket challenge also saw people made a video of ice being poured on them. The challenge was to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosi . The challenge was that anyone who goess through that nominiates another friend to do same. As such, it started by Celebrities all over the world then. This challenge was quite difficult. However, the message went viral even in Africa.

Now there’s a new Challenge in town from 100-0. The just begun on Twitter whereby people are posting pictures of themselves sitting next to a car with drinks on a table. The challenge is not already a hit on Facebook. But however, it just has begun on Twitter. Earlier today Twitter released a beta test to a new feature called the 280 characters. This is said to allow more Twitter users express themselves. Already Twitter operates with giving its users 140characters in a single tweet.


Newest Social Media Challenge

Now first let us give credit to Nigerians since they are the ones who first created this challenge. When this was posted on Twitter, a lot of people then took turns to create their own version of this image. The trend is viral on Nigeria (Twitter). We know that very soon Ghanaians will take to the streets and do same.