10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed about marriage to Damilola


Today Ghanaian Actor,  took the airwaves to share the real story of why his marriage to Damilola Adegbite couldn’t work out as planned. 10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed. Chris who was about to leave the country, had an exclusive live interview online on  with .

10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed :

  1. I am not Bisexual – Chris Attoh Declares

In the interview, Bola Ray asked Chris about few questions listeners presented the on their text platform. The first question that pops up was if Chris was Bisexual. In his answer he stated that HE is not Bisexual. He then went on further to say that the media are writing about the fact his marriage didnt work out because he was bisexual. He asked the media to be honest and respectful in their news. As he is not bisexual and that was not the reason why they broke up.

2. This was not the first time they broke up.

Chris Attoh and Damilola Agegbite has a child already. Chris also stated that when issues stated coming up, the both sat to solve it and prevent an earlier divorce. He said it is normal for coubles to seek to try and solve the problems which come up to avoid a divorce. In May this year, they came rumours that the couple were not together. However Damilola took to her Instagram page to share a photo of them together accompanied with a poetic message as she wished him a happy birthday. She wrote: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Happy birthday Nii @chrisattoh ….I love you. Happy Birthday Chris ! 10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed

3. No one should go into marriage having a mind to Divorce.

This was one statement the baffled alot of listeners who were of the view that the two should work it out again and be together. However Chris also took a stance on it.

Chris Attoh said “I think I was telling stories through my paintings some years ago but now I’m doing so through the screen”

4. Shatta Wale & Sarkodie are my favorite Artists.

Chris ended show with a song of his favorite artist Shattawale. KAKAI  – 10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed.

5. Chris Attoh spoke Religously.

In all the answers that Chris gave for the questions, he talked religiously and even quoted scriptures about Faith and Obedience.

Could it be Damilola was the bad person ?

The interview was brief and didn’t turn out as expected for most of the listeners of the show. Chris Attoh kept alot of things private and did not want secrets out there in the open.

10 Secrets Chris Attoh revealed is now 5 Secrets. Accra 360