Ghana Wins Maritime Dispute Over Crude Oil.

Today the Ghana was declared as the sole owners of the fields Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme (TEN) field for crude oil exploration. Over the years The Ivorians claimed these fields were within their assigned Sea jurisdiction. Ghana Wins Maritime Dispute Over Crude Oil.

Tullow oil was the-then contractors exploring the offshore oil basins. The Ivorians sea borders are very close to these fields, so it is normal for such disputes to happen. Some maritime boundaries around the world have remained indeterminate despite efforts to clarify them. This is explained by an array of factors, some of which involve regional problems.[4The Ivorians are still yet to find oil in their sea borders.

The basic principle governing the waters is that the determination of sea baseline is by tidal analysis. The UNITED NATIONS Law on the Maritime States that “Every State has the right to establish the breadth of its territorial sea up to a limit not exceeding 12 nautical miles, measured from baselines determined in accordance with this Convention.

What does this ” Ghana Wins Maritime Dispute Over Crude Oil. ” mean to us as Ghanaians.?


Since last year when the case was in court, the Tullow Oil company stopped operations. Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme (TEN) fields were not being explored.

However, Let us Congratulate the Team of Lawyers who did this job well.

Ghana Wins Maritime Dispute Over Crude Oil.

The Attorney General Gloria Akufo and the Legal team for their SERVICE

The Attorney General Gloria Akufo argued that the two countries already have an agreement on their maritime boundary, albeit informally. However the Ivory Coast, on the other hand, rejected that claim, calling on the Chamber to declare that Ghana has indeed violated the sovereign rights of Ivory Coast when it unilaterally undertook drilling activities in that boundary.

The Court international Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in its final submission called the ruling in favor of Ghana.


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