We often quote this from the bible “we are a chosen generation”. Being chosen is not by chance but rather its your deeds which give you such an opportunity. We the youth could sit ignorant and time will fly past us like the wind without making it out of life. Like they say “Time waits for no man”. Indeed time waits not. Can you recall the days you were being walked to school,the times you hated the notion of going to school every single day. Yes,today, I can say most of us are grown enough to think for ourselves yet what do we see, most of us have been lost to the pleasures of this world. Everything has become sex,sex,sex,immorality,is this Ghana? Where is our pride? Indeed the whiteman has hurt us a lot (excuse me to say). Not because of their colour or deceitful ways but by our ignorance. We’re not thinking anymore. We are not growing. Where are the Kwame Nkrumah’s of this time, the JB Danquah’s, the Rawlings’. Where are they? Lets be our own generational thinkers before this generation runs out of people.

We always marvel at the way young kids in America are able to make so much at a young age at the way their economy develops so fast whiles ours is static. Its not our education system, not our parents, not our leaders, its us. Even though they’ve all played a crucial role in our lives they don’t have the means to control our life the way it should go.We decide in the end. My brothers and sisters this is our time, do we follow the same path as the current ones are? Do we go here and there partying? No!! Lets make a decision, Lets make a change.

Its true that change is good but its not easy. Lets make it a point to focus on the reality of making our nation a better place. We are the young ones, lets make this generation the chosen one indeed. Lets think ahead following the likes of Victoria Dodua Yirenkyi, Peace Hyde, Anas Aremeyaw, Gabriel Opare and others.Not forgetting our Creator which is the most important part.THIS IS OUR TIME!!! The journey of making Ghana our beloved has began. Lets make a huge change for the better of ourselves, our children, our nation and the world at large not forgetting the generations after us….Lets be our own generational thinkers.