Oops! Conor Mcgregor Beats Floyd Mayweather In Weighing (Watch Video)


25th August is finally here and the person who has legitimate bragging rights has been decided. Floyd Mayweather last Fight. And he came to the arena in a white branded TMT cap and t shirt. He seemed too silent for the Mayweather we know.

On the other hand, Conor McGregor who earlier this week in an interview bragged about his family history being noted as fighters was seen in his corner loud and very excited about the bout.

The arena is filled to capacity as expected according to Mayweather promotions. There were a lot of celebs in the arena from the Golden State Warriors stars to the LA Artists.

Justin Beiber won’t be around to lead Mayweather, the two have been rumored to be at logger heads over sensoring Justin Beiber songs. This comes after Justin Beiber made a decision to follow Christ.

Hillsong has reached out to Justin and the group is said to be the people who encourage Justin to as sensoring his music.

The night is still young for the fight but however, shockingly MayWeather has just lost in the weighing to Conor McGregor.

We all thought Conor McGregor will fail in weighing as he is of a light weight.

Oops but he made 151 and Mayweather 149. Yess  no doubt McGregor has indeed put on some weight.

However will the 49/1 odds change after this ?

Tomorrow the fight is on ! 1:00 CAT