SAD: lady was murdered, pu**y and tongue cut off for rituals at Dome (See Pics)

lady murdered

Reports reaching Accra360 earlier says a Ghanaian lady from dome Kwabenya known by her Facebook name Dc Queen has been murdered and some part of her body were cut off for rituals.

Friends said she was murdered and her body was dumped in an uncompleted building on a night out to “Just Torch Pub: with part of her body (tongue and Pu$$y) cut off.

Several messages on her Facebook page indeed indicates that the young lady met her untimely death on Wednesday morning and her body was dumped in an uncompleted building.

Ford Rans a friend wrote on her wall: “cant believe that dhopest girl DC QUEEN is gone soon but everything can happen,if it is true may the good lord bless her soul and give her better place to sleep in peace but if it is because of hype that is why she is pretending to be dead boby….may the good lord punish does who support her to be hyped……RIP DC QUEEN

Adongo Poundz also said:,

“Most Boys Of Today Want to Show Pressure on Social Media, so they Pass Whevever they Have to, to Make Money,
at young age, but Boyz want to Ride Big Cars and Buy Big Mansions overnight, 
They Don’t Care whether it Will Take life or Not,
All they Care is to make their money in what so ever ways! Young Girls too Want to Be bigger than Their Mothers, So most of them selling their Pride and Womanhood for Social Media attention And Fame,Most of them put their Dreams behind to chase this Social media Madness. They Don’t Aim or plan for their Future, All they care is to follow boys around, Clubbing day in and Out, Exposing themselves by act on social media, Smoking and Roaming Aimlessly, Death-Bell is Continously Ringing among This Generation because of Impatience and stubbornness. Sometimes I wonder where we all Heading to,Killing your fellow Human to Make your Money at this Early Stage without thinking of the end result.

I heard the Suddenly departure of Dc Queen and First I didn’t Believe It Until I saw this vedio 
I never believe our sister will die in such a Ugly and disgraceful Way, Connecting to Rituals

This Sad New as weak me emotionally, and I still can’t Believe This girl is Gone in such a Horrible Way.
I Think this should serve as a lesson to some of Us, We should be careful of People We Trust and Follow around, and those We call Love ones.
This world is not Safe anymore, We should really pay attention to our Steps and things around Us.
May God forgive All of Us, Protect the Weak ones among Us And Guide our Ways.
#RIP #Queen..May God Grant you a Safe Place till We all Meet Again..
Sorry Dear.. Sorry Dear ..sorry Dear . Sorry Dear”

May her soul Rest In Perfect Peace.