So this picture is circulating on all social media and people are asking what went wrong?

Why  john Dumelo posted the image was to try and communicate a hustle a young man was going through on the streets of Kumasi.

Nevertheless this post was misconstrued by the public as they were of the view that the Man in the picture is an owner of a Big Bread Company in Kumasi which John Dumelo was not aware of.

The man in the pic is Kwaku Vito O. Boateng owner of A1 and Auntie Mary Bread. Apparently he has billboards all over Kumasi and a factory which employs over 200 people. God bless your hustle brother. I’ll bring the minister for trade and industry to your factory


Kwame A Plus also post on his wall

“John Dumelo apologise to him!!! If not you’ll chop. #Respectthemanonthestreet


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